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TUC Interprofessional Collaboration for Diabetes Outreach



To utilize the vast skills from Touro University California students in providing continuous care in a supportive environment for our underprivileged community members who have diabetes or pre-diabetes. This will be conducted by promoting diabetes awareness, education, and prevention through a lifestyle modification program conducted by Touro University California.

Facebook: @TUCIPCDO


By: Shima Novin & Wazhma Mahshour


Dr. Clipper Young


President: Rachael Mullin

Vice President: Reshmee Patel

Student Club Liaison: Rachel Peng

Patient Education Coordinators: Paul Shiu, Ranim Touma, Aisha Shakeel, and Andy Chan

Community Outreach Coordinators: Cassidy Lee & Megan Handel

Coordinator of Social Affairs: Christina Choy-Sanchez and Katelyn Baker

Finance Coordinator: Sarah Carpio

Historian: Navjot Samra

Members: 60

Events: 0