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Teen Life Conference Planning Committee


Teen Life Conference (TLC) is a campus-wide event, run almost entirely by Touro University students. It is a forum for local high school students to learn about healthy living and positive lifestyle choices. Our mission is to promote health and prevent illness at both the individual and community level.

Inspired by the belief that healthy lifestyles begin at an early age, this conference emphasizes different ways to promote health and prevent disease now and in the future. We have a collection of presentations to educate students about relevant issues related to physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. In addition, various health screenings will be available to interested individuals. Ultimately, we hope to empower the youth of Vallejo to become more aware of health issues and actively involved in health maintenance today and in the future.

2011 Teen Life Conference Video by Jason Duong:

2010 Teen Life Conference Video by Jason Duong:




Dr. Tami Hendriksz, DO


TLC 2019 Planning Committee Members:

Executive Director: Kat Winger

Volunteer Coordinator: Danielle Nelson

Content & Club Coordinator: Gianna Brown

High School Outreach Coordinators: Michela Cupo & Dorothea Murray

Logistics Coordinator: Neeka Faroudi

Finance Coordinator: Adam Lyle

Social Media Coordinator: Areeba Qazi

Utility Coordinators: Jennifer Dionisio, Sony Biradar, Amber Batra

Members: 117

Events: 17

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