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The Student-Run Free Clinic (SRFC) is a free clinic organized and staffed by students from Touro University California. A licensed clinician provides direct, on-site supervision.

The SRFC was developed in order to foster a relationship between the city of Vallejo and Touro University by providing a valuable resource for low-income residents of Vallejo. After conversations with local healthcare stakeholders, several barriers to healthcare access were identified. The most significant ones include: a lack of after-hours care, insufficient medical insurance, inadequate transportation to healthcare facilities, cultural stigmas, a significant language barrier in Spanish and other languages, and poor health literacy. The SRFC has resolved to overcome these barriers to healthcare in Vallejo.

Students benefit by practicing their clinical skills through increased patient contact, developing interprofessional leadership and teamwork skills, and gaining direct experience of the social, economic and cultural challenges that impact healthcare. The SRFC offers a dynamic educational environment for students as well as compassionate service to our local community.

2019-20 Leadership Chart (Click image for more info)

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October 6, 2010


Dr. Melissa Pearce & Dr. Gail Feinberg


2019 - 2020 Leadership:

Executive Director
Preetveer Kaur

Director of Operations
Meghan Connor

Director of COP
Nika Shamshirian

Director of COM
Lucas Hill

Director of CEHS
Waide Hicks

Director of Public Relations
Pichaya Promsatit

Director of Finance
Daniel Wong

COM Volunteer Coordinator
Jacob Blitstein

COP Volunteer Coordinator
Michelle Nham

Members: 2397

Events: 358

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Norman C. King Community Center (get directions)
545 Magazine St.
Vallejo, CA 94590


(707) 653-6331