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Past Event

PLS Lambda Sigma Gamma Omicron Orientation Meeting

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lander Hall 170

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Open for COP

PLS Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society. Come find out what we’re all about on Thursday, February 16th in Room LH170 from noon to 1pm. *MP3 recording to be posted on Blackboard for P3/P4s*

To encourage and support the development of leadership qualities in students of pharmacy

To promote leadership and service within the Touro campus and community, and to recognize those students who have demonstrated superior leadership skills in the advancement of the pharmacy profession

Membership criteria:
1.Of high moral and ethical character
2.Possess a proven track record of leadership
3.Has successfully completed at least 1 professional year toward PharmD
4.Maintains a cumulative GPA 2.50/4.00

*Prospective members nominated on basis of demonstration of dedication, service, and leadership in advancement of pharmacy.

Chapter Officer Members:
•Presides over all meetings of the chapter
•Represents the organization on the Student Council
•Main liaison w/ faculty advisor(s)
•Other duties as deemed appropriate for the leader of the organization

Vice President
•Presides over meetings in absence of the President
•Responsible for organizing a school-wide professional event every semester
•Organizes annual initiation ceremony and banquet
•Assists the President and other officers in his/her duties as needed

•Takes official minutes at all chapter meetings
•Responsible for maintaining, updated membership records, and contact information
•Serves as Historian for all chapter functions
•Assists other officers in his/her duties as needed

•Collects and submits all appropriate dues to the National Office
•Orders chapter materials from the National Office as needed
•Responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for the chapter
•Leads in the planning of chapter fundraisers
•Assists other officers in his/her duties as needed

•Actively participates in chapter committees to organize events and functions

What do you have to do?

For all candidates to be members
•Provide a CV listing all pharmacy activities, positions held, and dates
•Essay (max 2 pages double-spaced): “Why should you be considered for membership in Phi Lambda Sigma and describe a situation in which you utilized your leadership skills in an organization.”
Contact Info:

Member candidate materials will be accepted no later than:
Sunday, March 11th to

For officer candidates
•In addition to above, please submit an additional essay (max 2 pages double-spaced) specifying the position you would like and what contributions you would make in that role.
Contact Info:

Officer candidates must submit materials no later than:
Sunday, March 11th to

For more information about the organization you can check out our website at




Dr. Terrill Tang, Dr. Linda Banares, Dr. Adrian Palisoc


President: Jonathan Nguyen Trinh

Vice President: Julia Nguyen

Secretary/Historian: Jimmy Ly

Treasurer: Tatiana Ouabo

Members: 74

Events: 36