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Mission Statement:
The mission of Touro University's Integrative Medicine Club is
to demonstrate the field of integrative medicine as a viable and legitimate path of medicine that complements osteopathic philosophy.
We intend to host events that demonstrate clinically useful models of practice as well as give the opportunity to Touro's community for regeneration and personal development. Finally, the club is intended as an opportunity to form a stronger network for students in the Integrative Medicine community.

The Integrative Medicine Club aims to break barriers and create bridges in a wide range of health modalities by inviting diverse health practitioners to come discuss and describe their practice with us. Integrative medicine club strives to eradicate misconceptions and biases about less familiar practices. Come join us, do yoga, and listen to what these experienced practitioners have to say.

If there is something that you would like to learn more about, let us know and we will see if we can find someone to come and talk about it!




Dr. Victor Nuño


Heidi Molga

Chrissa Karagiannis
Vice President

Clarissa Chan
Events Coordinator

Alice Wong
Events Coordinator

Katherine Huynh
Events Coordinator

Monique Koechlin
Events Coordinator

Ladan Shaie

Charlotte Park
Yoga Chair

Jay Pinkos
Nutrition Chair

Rachel Hieb
Meditation Chair

Members: 189

Events: 310