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Clubs - Forms and FAQ

You can find the forms and frequently asked questions related to clubs. We no longer use the hard copy of the reimbursment form. Below is a link to the online submission page. If you have questions not answered below regarding starting a club, please contact your SGA VP of Student Affairs - Daniel Wong ( If you have questions not answered below regarding budgets, please contact your SGA VP of Finance - Neehar Gaddam ( Any other questions, please direct them to your SGA President - Rahil Hudda (

SGA Online Budget Form
SGA Online Reimbursement Form
SGA Online Deposit Voucher
TUCA Community Outreach Form
Financial Rules & Regulations for SGA and Club Spending
Suggested Club Balance Tracker
Extracurricular Activity Approval Form

How do I add photos to my club's page on TU Student Life?

If you click on the admin tab of your club's page, the first tab that shows up is "General Club Info." At the very bottom of this section is a box that says "Picasa Username for photos" which is the username to log into Picasa. The club officers should know the password. If they do not, they should contact either the SGA VP of Archives - Camilo Pardo ( or the SGA VP of IT – Sabrina Luong ( to get it. If the club does not yet have a username, they need to contact the SGA VP of IT – Sabrina Luong ( so an account can be set up with a email address that can be made into a Picasa account, which is necessary for the photos to automatically show up in the photos on tustudentlife.

Since Picasa has a limited amount of storage space, upload photos using the app from your computer (click on "Launch Picasa") rather than uploading through the web in order to reduce file size. Make sure the album is set to public (otherwise the photos will not show up on tustudentlife).

When you're in the Picasa app on your computer, you can go to Tools > Folder Manager, and select only your desktop photos to be scanned so that they automatically show up in Picasa and are ready to be uploaded and deleted when you're finished. Within the app, select the photos to be uploaded, pick 1600 pixels as the resolution, and click on the upload button. From there, you can choose to put the photos in an existing album or a new one.

How do I start a club?
If you want to be an official club under Touro and receive funding from SGA, you must go through this process with your SGA VP of Student Affairs - Daniel Wong ( You will need the following three documents:

1. Create a constitution using template: Template
2. A club roster of at least 12 active members with current contact information including officers and most importantly, the president's (please sign your name underneath the roster).
3. A signed faculty advisor letter from a faculty member(s) who will represent, or endorse the club/organization. Sample copy of a club's faculty advisor.

Once these are completed, please send an email to your SGA VP of Student Affairs - Daniel Wong ( with the signed digital copies of all three documents (club roster, signed faculty advisor, and by-laws). You can scan the documents at the library. Your SGA VP of Student Affairs - Daniel Wong ( will present the information to the SGA Senate at our next meeting, who will either approve or deny the club. If approved by SGA, your SGA VP of Student Affairs - Daniel Wong ( will then present the necessary forms and info to Dr. Binkerd, the Associate Dean of Student Services, who has final say of the club approval. If you would like to attach a letter of intent with the forms, which usually has just a short paragraph stating why you wish to start this club, it would help the SGA make a more informed decision about what the club is about during our meeting.

How do I get money for my club/college?
First, be a recognized group in good standing with the SGA. Second, fill out a proposed budget form and submit it to your SGA VP of Finance - Neehar Gaddam ( The budget is reviewed by your SGA VP of Finance who then submits it to the SGA Executive Committee (EC) for a vote. The EC can vote to fund the entire requested amount or a portion of it.

When is the club budget due?
Budgets are due each Fall and Spring semester by 11:59PM on August 15th and January 15th, respectively. If your club has a Summer session, include that in the Spring budget.

What information should we write in the budget proposal regarding events, etc.?
Please be specific regarding the date of the event(s), how many people are expected to attend, the purpose of the event, how money will be allocated, etc. Budget proposals that lack an itemized breakdown of expenses will not be accepted.

What can we spend our money on?
Money can only be spent on items in the approved budget. You can not request money to donate to other organizations. You can request money to host a fundraiser but not to just channel directly to an outside group. You can not spend any monies for personal gain.

If you wish to use SGA funds on unapproved items, you must request prior approval for your purchase from your SGA VP of Finance - Neehar Gaddam ( Clubs may be penalized in future allocation cycles if large amounts of funding are transferred to other line items.

How do we spend club money?
Usually the money is spent by the student and the student is reimbursed. Reimbursements are obtained by filling out an Online Reimbursement Request form and turning this into your SGA VP of Finance - Neehar Gaddam ( with all receipts.
*Note: If the expenditure is over $100 and an accurate quote for the item(s) or service can be obtained, a check can be written directly to the vendor so the students donít have to spend their personal funds. Give the quote from the vendor to your SGA VP of Finance - Neehar Gaddam ( at least 2 weeks before the event.

My club would like to obtain SGA funds for a gift card. What kind of gift cards are acceptable?
Firstly, always check with the Rabbi. In the past, gift cards from Starbucks and Target have been approved by him. Gift cards for companies like Jamba Juice or Coldstone Creamery are not likely to be approved.

Can clubs appeal denied budgets, and if so, how?
Any Executive Committee decision can be appealed, including budget decisions. This is done through Parliamentary Procedure: Contact the President and ask to be added to the agenda. This will give you a time slot to discuss your issue. Keep it short, 3-5min to keep from boring everyone. When you are done describing your issue, someone (not you) will move the issue to the floor by saying "I move that we _________" and someone must second it. Then discussion is open to everyone. The President will preside over the discussion and only those recognized by the President can speak. Once discussion has come to an end, or if someone moves to take end the discussion, there is a vote. It takes 2/3 of the group present to override the Executive Committee decision. For details, see the SGA Constitution and Roberts Rules of Order.

Can clubs use their own fundraised monies for whatever they want without SGA approval?
Clubs that raise money must keep that money in the SGA bank account. The club will be credited those funds and they are not subject to recouping by SGA at the end of the year. All University and SGA regulations must be followed.

You will need to submit your request at least 2 weeks in advance. First check the TU master calendar to see if the room you want is not currently booked at the time and date you want it. Once you have reviewed what has already been reserved and choose a location, please send your request for a reservation to: Karen Malone ( with the subject line ìRoom Reservation.î The following information only must be included in the email in this order:
Date(s) you are requesting:
Contact person:
Event name:
Start time:
End time:
Room/Space requested:

You will receive either a confirmation with a reservation number or an email letting you know that the space is not available.

If you require AV equipment, please go on-line and reserve the equipment 72 hours prior to each event or meeting. You can find the request form at Touroís web-site under Resources>TU-CA forms and then the M.I.S. department category.

If special seating arrangements, tables or chairs are needed, please go on-line and complete a Facilities Work Order (3) weeks prior to each event or meeting. You can find the work order at Touroís web-site under Resources > TU ñ CA forms and then Facilities Dept. category.

For events on campus (that are not meetings), you must send your request for the event to the Master Calendar Committee for review and approval. This can be done by sending an email to Irene Favreau (

If there is a cancellation of an event please remember to notify each department involved in the event of your cancellation.

If our club has food on campus, what do we do? Can we bring in outside food? How do we order food from TU food services? How can we use club funds to pay for the food?

All food purchased with SGA funds on or off campus must be kosher.

Food for officially planned or announced events through SGA must go through TU food services and be kosher because of school policy. If food cannot be ordered through TU food services, or if you have questions about getting food from elsewhere, you must consult Rabbi Tenenbaum (

Food should be ordered AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance, but of course the sooner the better so everything can be prepared accordingly. Contact Raymond Nottie ( for catering requests and food questions. This year's catering menu and order form can be found here. Additional instructions are included in the menu.

Events that are planned for school announced events should be allotted in each club's budget and put in their budget proposal.

How to do I get events approved?

Turn in the completed "Extracurricular Activity Form" to and please notify all community events to
Extracurricular Activity Form
Event Policy

What will happen to unspent funds within colleges and classes?

Unspent funds will remain in the appropriate college and class accounts for use in the future. All unspent SGA approved budget funds will be recouped by SGA at the beginning of the following semester.