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Berkeley Suitcase Clinic

How To Join

Request to be a member. Once you have requested member access, please email [javascript protected email address] so make the approval process go faster.

Once you have been approved, look for the request to RSVP button on the main page for the club on this site, or for the specific clinic date you wish to attend. On the next page, select "Yes" under "Are you available?", depending on your skill level and experience. We ask that first year COM students please shadow for one clinic before volunteering. bold(You will receive an email a week or so before the clinic date on further details). If you have any questions, or need help with the website, please contact a coordinator.


Suitcase Clinic was founded in 1989. Touro University began its involvement with the General Suitcase Clinic in 2006.


Dr. Victor Nuno, DO and
Dr. Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO


** Bryant Chee, OMS I
(upon requesting to be a member, email me ^)
** Jorvic Ramos, OMS I
Ningning Hu, OMS I
Pirya Singh, OMS I
Paul Godoy, OMS I
Helen Meng, OMS I
Brian Xieu, OMS I
Joseph Choe, OMS I
Iva Hu, OMS I
**indicates contact person for volunteer inquiries

Members: 315

Events: 127

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