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Berkeley Suitcase Clinic


Founded in 1989 by medical students and doctors from the UC Berkeley and UCSF joint medical program, the Suitcase Clinic defines its mission, “to promote the health and overall wellbeing of underserved individuals through service provision, cooperative learning, and collective action among community and professional volunteers, students, and participants.” Touro University began its involvement with the General Clinic in 2006 under the guidance of Garima Loharuka, D.O. (a first year COM student at the time) and Dr. Babak Mokari.

Every Tuesday, the clinic fulfills their mission by providing a two-hour clinic and safe space for the Bay Area community. Clients can sign up for foot washing, shaving, clothes and food, medical care, eye care, legal council, and many other services.

At Suitcase Clinic, Touro students work in pairs to do H&Ps and treat a total of ten clients within two hours. Many clients return to clinic for further treatment, which gives students experience with continuity of care.

Touro students love to volunteer at Suitcase Clinic to learn from clients who have a long history of trauma and somatic dysfunction. Volunteers improve their OMM skills, increase their palpatory ability, and get a better sense of what to expect with patients during clinical rotations. Touro students also gain unique exposure to the homeless community, listening to their stories and examining their physical and mental status. There are many homeless communities in California, one of the largest being in the Bay Area. Suitcase clinic is a great way for Touro students to experience treating this important group of individuals.

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Suitcase Clinic was founded in 1989. Touro University began its involvement with the General Suitcase Clinic in 2006.


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